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Carton and EPS

After years manufacturing Innovative Packaging Solutions for the film industry, from directors like Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick to Pedro Almodóvar, we have now successfully branched out to new and challenging areas of packaging.

Our principles remain the same: Quality, Service and Creative Solutions. Our expertise: Production, Printing and Design.

Innovative Packaging for: Confectionery, Chocolates, Specialty Foods, Fashion, Beauty, Personal Care, Healthcare, Consumer goods, Electronics, Gift Packaging and Home Video.

Materials: Cardboard Packaging, Metal Packaging, Tube Packaging, Labels, Collarettes and Special Packs.

See below some of the proyects we have delivered:




Pedro Almodóvars Volver + Book


Volver Almodovar Packaging by Pakeling

Special Packaging by Pakeling




Sony Ericsson Gift Pack


Woody Allens' "What Ever Works"

Also: "Scoop", "Matchpoint",  and the

"London Trilogy"

Special Packaging for Woody Allen Film by Pakeling 
 Metal Packaing by Pakeling





Sony Pictures Special Action Collection



Stanley Kubricks

Metal Pack Collection Box Set

 Stanley Kubricks Metal Pack Collection by Pakeling

 WB Kids Saver Box Set by Pakeling



WB Kids Saver Box Set

Idea by Pakeling's Creative Team



10 different titles made same pack


Kids Packaging by Pakeling

Lunilandia Box Set by Pakeling



     Lunilandia Box Set



David Lynch's Special Edition Box

      David Lynch's Special Edition Box by Pakeling


For any enquiry please call or write, we will be happy to hear from you.
Jaime Dieppa The Pacaking Man